Individual and Group Training Pricing

Lacrosse Training Packages
New Fall Special!!! – 5x 1 hour Sessions for $300
One on One: $75 per hour
Small Group: 3-10 laxers – $25 per athlete – 1 hour session
Team Training: 5x 1.5hr training sessions for $375 (Up to 15 players – more available for an additional fee)

Personal Training Packages – 1 Hour Training
We offer various types of training from High Intensity Interval Training to Functional Training.  You will burn calories and increase strength, endurance, and your overall fitness.  We will be focusing on major and minor muscle groups throughout the entire body through a combination of strength and resistance, cardiovascular exercises, core strengthening and flexibility.

1-on-1 session- $75 (pay as you go)
5 Sessions for $325 (pay up front)

KZTrain Express Package- 30 Minute Training
A great way to get a fast and satisfying workout!  You will be doing a total body workout and burning more calories by high levels of exertion followed by brief moments of rest.  You will continue to burn an extra 100 calories over the 24 hours following your workout!

1-on-1 session- $40 (pay as you go)
5 Sessions for $150

Group Training Packages- 1 Hour Training
Similar to our Personal Training package but you are now surrounded by your friends to make it an even more fun environment.  Burn calories through group work by increasing your strength, endurance, and your overall fitness!

You and a friend- $55 per person
3-5 friends – $30 per person
6-10 friends – $20 per person

Boot Camps
Get a group of friends together or just come yourself and enjoy interval training that includes alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed with slower, recovery phases throughout a single workout.  It’s a fun way to start your weekend off!

Weekends only!
Sign up- $15
Sign up with a friend- $25
Sign up with 2 friends- $30