Lacrosse Skills & Agility Fusion

“There is only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give everything”- Vince Lombardi
Lacrosse Skils And Agility Fusion

The program Skills and Agility Fusion will focus on all the various techniques you need to succeed in lacrosse while concentrating on becoming more explosive and quicker to gain maximum performance. The skills portion of the program will work on catching, passing, dodging, shooting, and defensive positioning. Mixed with agility training, the athlete will learn how to suddenly brake and perform sport-specific skills with speed and ease. Together, they equal a well rounded lacrosse player.

We offer 1-on-1 training, small group, and team training.

Being Captain of the Undefeated NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship team and competing internationally against top ranked teams, I teach athletes the fundamentals of the game. I specialize in strong values, speed, and agility training.

“Treat every practice like it’s a game and every game like it’s your last”. I strongly believe you play like you practice and with hard work and dedication you can aspire to be the BEST!

Kristin Godfrey- NCAA National Champion

Captain of the 2007 C.W. Post NCAA Women’s Lacrosse National Champions
2008 Irish Women’s Lacrosse National Team
2006 USA International Team
NYACC All-Conference
ECC All-Conference
IWLCA All-North Region
Three Sport Collegiate Athlete