I’ll Start Tomorrow

Why is it that whenever we want to start something new, we use the excuse, I’ll start tomorrow! Tomorrow comes and goes…then a few days, then a week, and then a month and we still have not started anything!!
Exercise- a common “I’ll start that tomorrow” saga.

Just a little background, I am a personal trainer and whenever I start a conversation with someone regarding what I do for a living, I get all the ways that they exercise and how it doesn’t work for them and how they need to start something new. When I suggest that I will train them to get them to the goals they want to achieve, the excuses start rolling in!

While at my friends’ house sitting on the couch, nothing really going on, just catching up, the topic came up! “I need to lose weight”, she said. All I said was, “Let’s start today then!” and this is what I got:

-I’m tired
-I feel bloated
-It’s too early
-I need new sneakers
-It’s too hot
-I’m too fat
-I’m just too busy
-I don’t want to mess up my hair
-I hate to sweat and smell

I’ve never heard anyone make so many excuses up in less than 30 seconds!

And then it was said, “today just isn’t good for me, I’ll start tomorrow”!

Now rewind, we are sitting at her house, NOTHING really going on. Why is it, we start to make these excuses up in our head? Is it really too early or too hot? If you are feeling bloated and fat, don’t you want to do something about it? Last time I checked, being busy meant being active, NOT sitting on the couch. Really, you need new sneakers, the ones that you bought last year that you never used, aren’t good enough? At first, I sit there with the face of confusion. Didn’t you just say you need to lose weight? Why all the excuses?! You hate to sweat and smell? What? You never heard of a shower? And your hair, it’s called a brush! I know you are not going to start tomorrow! You said this last year when we went and bought those sneakers that you needed when you said you were going to start then

Now you are probably wondering why I continued to sit and listen to all these excuses. The answer I tell you, PURE ENTERTAINMENT!

Its funny how “I’ll start tomorrow” turns into “I’ll start next week” which turns into “I’ll start next month” which then inevitably turns into NEVER HAPPENING!

One of my guy friends had a similar interaction with me. I always find this one funny and amusing.

Here is a little background on my friend. He is a former athlete, loves to lift heavy weights in the gym, loves being active, goes six days a week, pre-workout drinks, protein shakes…the whole nine yards but doesn’t work on cardio and doesn’t work on core. So when I try to give some insight about the importance of cardio and core training, I get the sarcastic “I know, I know”, “I’ll start tomorrow”! Well, when I see him at the gym the next day, back to heavy lifting with NO cardio and NO core training. So I approach him and say, “listen, sometimes you need someone to push you through a cardio and core workout, let me train you”!

The response I got… maybe better than “I’ll start tomorrow” sounded something like this… “in order for me to train with you, I need to do it on my own so I am in shape to workout with you”.

WHAT?!! Does that even make sense?! I’m a trainer, my job is to get you in shape! I am offering my services to you and you say you need to get in shape in order to train with me?!! SERIOUSLY!! Who says that!?

Unfortunately, my two friends are not the only ones that have these excuses! I hear it all the time from everyone. Doesn’t matter how in shape, how big or small, how strong or weak, they all give the excuse, “I’ll start tomorrow”. It’s like New Years Resolutions. It’s June, why wait till January 1st, to start your workout!?

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