Looking Bridalicious

You finally got the engagement ring you have been waiting so long for.  What better way to motivate you to get back into the gym and lose those extra 5 pounds you have been trying to lose since freshman year! Don’t resort to quick fixes such as diet pills or extreme exercise plans.  Many of us make this mistake and soon realize that there is no such thing as a miracle pill for losing weight.  You have to put in the time and be patient.

Fall is here and us Fall Brides have to worry about the holiday weight gain and being able to hide behind big baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants doesn’t help. We sometimes forget we have to still fit into that perfect dress come Wedding Day.

What to do?  Well, I have some solutions.

First, FOOD.  Often people say “don’t eat”!- WRONG!  Moderation is key.  You can continue eating what you love, just don’t over indulge yourself.  Limit your alcohol intake.  Try tracking your food and keep a journal of what you are eating and drinking throughout the day.  Start with a healthy breakfast to fire up your metabolism and make sure to drink plenty of water.   Studies have shown “breakfast eaters tend to consume fewer total calories during the day than people who don’t eat a morning meal”.

Goal – Eat more healthy and become more aware of what you are putting into your body.

Second, FITNESS. People say, “just run, you will lose weight that way”!-WRONG AGAIN!  In order to lose weight and burn that stubborn body fat you need to build muscle.  Sometimes us women don’t like to hear that we need to lift weights, we think that we will start to look like a man.  But its quite the opposite.  Building muscle burns fat.  Yeah, the scale might say we weigh more due to muscle weighing more than fat, but at the end of the day, you will be able to fit back into those freshman clothes.  Make working out a priority.  Treat it like an appointment.  Your not going to miss your appointment with the wedding planner or cake decorator- so don’t miss the gym!  You can’t let your workout routine fall by the wayside so make sure you have support from your fiance or get a workout partner so you can both motivate each other.

Goal-Challenge yourself with a fitness routine and stick with it till the wedding!

Thirdly, HAVE FUN.  The wedding isn’t just about looking great for the pictures!  Even though sometimes that’s all we can think about.   It’s about feeling good about yourself and being excited about marrying your best friend.  Make sure you are keeping yourself healthy by eating properly and working out so that you can enjoy and have energy for the road ahead of you!

Goal- Have your fiance work out with you- “A couple that sweats together- Stays together”


Exercise Faux-Pas

Warming up prepares your body to be more efficient for the rest of your workout. By skipping your warm-up, you become more susceptible to injury. Take 5-10 minutes to do some light running or jogging. You can also grab light weights and mimic the exercises that you will be performing throughout your workout routine.

To improve your range of motion and to avoid injury, never stretch when your muscles are cold. Warming up will increase your blood flow that will in turn warm up your muscles. After your muscles are warmed up, perform dynamic stretches that include: leg lifts, toy soldier, pike stretch, walking lunges, and butt kicks.

If you are lifting weights that appear to be too light, you won’t see any improvements. You won’t notice any toning, increase in strength, or increase in bone density. If you are lifting weights that are too heavy, you will compromise using proper form and increase the risk of injury or diminishing your overall workout routine. When lifting too heavy, you engage additional muscles to help lift the weights and therefore cheat the muscles you are trying to exercise. To determine if a weight is the correct size, you want to be struggling to get through the final 3-5 reps while still maintaining proper form.

when doing a strength specific workout routine, performing each exercise quickly doesn’t focus on the muscle. Instead, you are using more momentum and taking away from the muscle group you are trying to strengthen. When performing strength specific exercises take your time when doing each repetition. It is not about how fast you can lift the weight, it’s about form and control.

If you don’t rest enough between hard cardio or strength workouts, you’ll stop making progress and may even lose some of the fitness you have gained. You are also very likely to burn out on exercise. Make sure you keep your muscles fresh by alternating shorter, tougher cardio workouts with longer, easier ones. Keep in mind, the more intense your workout, the more time your body needs to recover.

I’ll Start Tomorrow

Why is it that whenever we want to start something new, we use the excuse, I’ll start tomorrow! Tomorrow comes and goes…then a few days, then a week, and then a month and we still have not started anything!!
Exercise- a common “I’ll start that tomorrow” saga.

Just a little background, I am a personal trainer and whenever I start a conversation with someone regarding what I do for a living, I get all the ways that they exercise and how it doesn’t work for them and how they need to start something new. When I suggest that I will train them to get them to the goals they want to achieve, the excuses start rolling in!

While at my friends’ house sitting on the couch, nothing really going on, just catching up, the topic came up! “I need to lose weight”, she said. All I said was, “Let’s start today then!” and this is what I got:

-I’m tired
-I feel bloated
-It’s too early
-I need new sneakers
-It’s too hot
-I’m too fat
-I’m just too busy
-I don’t want to mess up my hair
-I hate to sweat and smell

I’ve never heard anyone make so many excuses up in less than 30 seconds!

And then it was said, “today just isn’t good for me, I’ll start tomorrow”!

Now rewind, we are sitting at her house, NOTHING really going on. Why is it, we start to make these excuses up in our head? Is it really too early or too hot? If you are feeling bloated and fat, don’t you want to do something about it? Last time I checked, being busy meant being active, NOT sitting on the couch. Really, you need new sneakers, the ones that you bought last year that you never used, aren’t good enough? At first, I sit there with the face of confusion. Didn’t you just say you need to lose weight? Why all the excuses?! You hate to sweat and smell? What? You never heard of a shower? And your hair, it’s called a brush! I know you are not going to start tomorrow! You said this last year when we went and bought those sneakers that you needed when you said you were going to start then

Now you are probably wondering why I continued to sit and listen to all these excuses. The answer I tell you, PURE ENTERTAINMENT!

Its funny how “I’ll start tomorrow” turns into “I’ll start next week” which turns into “I’ll start next month” which then inevitably turns into NEVER HAPPENING!

One of my guy friends had a similar interaction with me. I always find this one funny and amusing.

Here is a little background on my friend. He is a former athlete, loves to lift heavy weights in the gym, loves being active, goes six days a week, pre-workout drinks, protein shakes…the whole nine yards but doesn’t work on cardio and doesn’t work on core. So when I try to give some insight about the importance of cardio and core training, I get the sarcastic “I know, I know”, “I’ll start tomorrow”! Well, when I see him at the gym the next day, back to heavy lifting with NO cardio and NO core training. So I approach him and say, “listen, sometimes you need someone to push you through a cardio and core workout, let me train you”!

The response I got… maybe better than “I’ll start tomorrow” sounded something like this… “in order for me to train with you, I need to do it on my own so I am in shape to workout with you”.

WHAT?!! Does that even make sense?! I’m a trainer, my job is to get you in shape! I am offering my services to you and you say you need to get in shape in order to train with me?!! SERIOUSLY!! Who says that!?

Unfortunately, my two friends are not the only ones that have these excuses! I hear it all the time from everyone. Doesn’t matter how in shape, how big or small, how strong or weak, they all give the excuse, “I’ll start tomorrow”. It’s like New Years Resolutions. It’s June, why wait till January 1st, to start your workout!?

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