Exercise Faux-Pas

Warming up prepares your body to be more efficient for the rest of your workout. By skipping your warm-up, you become more susceptible to injury. Take 5-10 minutes to do some light running or jogging. You can also grab light weights and mimic the exercises that you will be performing throughout your workout routine.

To improve your range of motion and to avoid injury, never stretch when your muscles are cold. Warming up will increase your blood flow that will in turn warm up your muscles. After your muscles are warmed up, perform dynamic stretches that include: leg lifts, toy soldier, pike stretch, walking lunges, and butt kicks.

If you are lifting weights that appear to be too light, you won’t see any improvements. You won’t notice any toning, increase in strength, or increase in bone density. If you are lifting weights that are too heavy, you will compromise using proper form and increase the risk of injury or diminishing your overall workout routine. When lifting too heavy, you engage additional muscles to help lift the weights and therefore cheat the muscles you are trying to exercise. To determine if a weight is the correct size, you want to be struggling to get through the final 3-5 reps while still maintaining proper form.

when doing a strength specific workout routine, performing each exercise quickly doesn’t focus on the muscle. Instead, you are using more momentum and taking away from the muscle group you are trying to strengthen. When performing strength specific exercises take your time when doing each repetition. It is not about how fast you can lift the weight, it’s about form and control.

If you don’t rest enough between hard cardio or strength workouts, you’ll stop making progress and may even lose some of the fitness you have gained. You are also very likely to burn out on exercise. Make sure you keep your muscles fresh by alternating shorter, tougher cardio workouts with longer, easier ones. Keep in mind, the more intense your workout, the more time your body needs to recover.

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